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Storytelling Across Mediums: TV, Film, Podcasts, and More! panel at WonderCon Anaheim 2022.

Anaheim, CA, April 2, 2022 - For this year’s WonderCon in Anaheim, excited fans assembled for an in-person conversation with Hollywood’s highly sought-after directors, producers, writers, and showrunners to discuss their work on popular projects like “Conan,” “Meet The Robinsons,” “Monsters At Work,” “Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” and more on Impact24 PR’s Storytelling Across Mediums: TV, Film, Podcasts, and More! panel.

The panel was moderated by actresses and producers Aparna Brielle and Kristin Couture and featured Stephen Anderson (Director and Writer, “Meet The Robinsons”; “Monsters At Work”;), Rebecca Niles (Managing Director of ArtClass), Ben Simms (Director and Executive Producer, “You vs. Wild”), Jason Michael Primrose (Chief Creative Officer, “Lost Children of Andromeda”), Harold Moss (Founder/ Creative Director of FlickerLab), J.P. Buck (Former Supervising Producer, “Conan”), and Raul Vega (Podcast Creator/ Showrunner at Phantom Ape Productions).

The panelists discussed the future of storytelling and how they can bring stories to life for their respective projects across diverse mediums, including films, television shows, podcasts, and series.

When asked about the branded side of storytelling, managing director of Art Class Rebecca Niles commented that “There are so many ways to consume content. I think a big trend I'm seeing in advertising is the gravitation towards compelling content that is more grounded in trust and long-form stories.”

The group echoed Rebecca’s sentiment and agreed that the future of storytelling is all about immersion, inclusion, and expansion.

“For me, the future of storytelling is equity and inclusion,” expressed Lost Children of Andromeda Chief Creative Officer and author Jason Michael Primrose. Being