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Sofia Vergara & Cast, Shine on The Black Carpet at the Premiere of Netflix's "Griselda."

The stars were out in South Florida for the long-awaited Netflix series starring a ruthless drug lord played by Sofía Vergara. Many celebrities walked the black carpet in honor of the "Black Widow", also known as "Griselda" (aka. Griselda Blanco). Sofia Vergara is the woman behind the Netflix series "Griselda." An actor known for comedy roles enters the world of drama gracefully. Sofia Vergara is known primarily for her roles in "Hot Pursuit" and "Modern Family." In addition to leading the cast, she also is the executive producer of the show as well.

Vergara shined bright alongside her castmates in a strapless golden gown custom-made by Laura Basci, on Tuesday evening at the Miami premiere for her new Netflix series Griselda, held at the Fillmore Miami Beach. She posed with many of her castmates but the most talked about was her reuniting with Karol G. who also rocked her look.

Karol G, decided to get glamorous with a dark monochrome fit made out of a ribbed cowhide undergarment top, matching calfskin pants, and witchy heels. The top was a speed up number decorated with an entire bundle of wavy false fur along the chest and shoulders. Also, the jeans included lines of silver opening studs kept intact with cowhide bands along the length.

Below are more photo's of the cast alonside Sofia Vergara at the premiere- all smiles


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