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Miller’s Girl (2024) Official Trailer - Martin Freeman, Jenna Ortega.

What To Watch Wednesday: Miller's Girl (2024)

Jenna Ortega's new film "Miller's Girl" follows a young writer (Cairo Sweet) who is assigned a project by her professor (Martin Freeman). As their lives spiral out of control, the professor and the protégé have to face their darkest selves while trying to keep their sense of meaning and the things that are most important to them. Because of Ortega's talent as a writer, Miller has been treating Ortega's character differently, which he later attempts to end when he realizes how wrong it is. When the professor rejects Cairo's advances, the tension between them escalates, and Cairo turns the tables on the professor by claiming that the two have more than just a teacher-student relationship.

The trailer for this indie movie has been released, and since it went live, there has been a lot of negative feedback online. So, what do you think?


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