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LA Comic Con Recap!

LA Comic-Con returned to Los Angeles with a “BANG!” for its 10th year of celebrating diverse artists, vendors, comics, superheroes, art, toys, apparel, and everything in-between. In addition, you get to be up close and personal with some of the biggest and best names in the entertainment with their hand-picked selection of panels and meet n’greet opportunities.

Throughout the weekend of Friday, December 3rd through Sunday, December 5th, the con was filled with action-packed entertainment! ( pun intended). Some of the panels included Arrow, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Star Trek, Spongebob, Batman, Boy Meets World, Smallville, and many many more! There were even some amazing spotlight interactions with my favorite Zachary Levi (Disney’s Tangled, Shazam, Chuck, Thor), Bruce Campbell ( The Evil Dead), Giancarlo Esposito ( Once Upon A Time, Mandolin, Breaking Bad) just to name a few.

Friday Day #1

Things kicked off in full force with exciting fans bustling around in the most epic cosplay gear you have probably ever seen! If you cosplay, LA Comic-Con is for you! One of the best panels of that day was Ridley Scott’s Raised By Wolves Epic Sneak Peek of the second season.

Saturday Day #2

By far our favorite day was Saturday. The First Panel right out of the box was Arrow which was located on “The Main Stage” which was cool because it was right in the middle of everything. After that was Genti-fied, which by the way if you have not watched that show you definitely should. Not to mention, the cast was such a delight! Then we got to catch up with Zachary Levi! What a fun guy. He did not disappoint. Then there was a spotlight on Giancarlo Esposito. Which turned into the biggest inspirational and motivational speech ever! What a great guy!

Sunday Day #3

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was on Sunday! And not just any power rangers but the OG power rangers from the ’90s. You know the ones every child wanted to be in the 90s! Jason David Frank and David Yost both were in attendance. Fan’s had a great time geeking out over their favorites. Sadly, Amy Jo Johnson was not in attendance.

Overall the weekend was full of exciting treats for all fandoms alike!


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