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Hulu's "Woke" Panel at WonderCon 2022!

Hulu’s hit show “Woke” is on its second season, it follows Keef an African-American cartoonist on the verge of mainstream success when an unexpected event changes his life; with a fresh outlook on the world, Keef must navigate the new voices and ideas that confront and challenge him.

Enspire Entertainment was able to sit in on WonderCon’s “Woke” Panel and it was full of laughs and even featured a screening of the first episode of season two. The show’s panel was on Friday, prior to the premiere of the second season. Guests included the talented Lamorne Morris, Blake Anderson, and T. Murphy; along with the wonderful, down-to-earth cartoonist, Keith Knight who the show is based on, screenwriter Marshall Todd, as well as Anthony King, who served as showrunner.

Following the exclusive screening of season two's first episode, the panelist got right into it with what audiences can expect in the new season. After we become familiar with the protagonist, Keef, the second season of the series will focus a lot more on the other characters and San Francisco itself. Some of the main themes are centered around real-life important issues like homelessness, and the power social media has in changing those big problems.

Isiah Whitlock Jr. is among the new additions to the Woke cast as seen in the trailer. He is playing Clovis' father, and the cast had were astonished at his comedic skills given his dramatic background.

In regards to Clovis, viewers might have noticed a difference compared to season one. That’s because T. Murphy did everything he could during the pandemic to get & stay fit “just in case it got so bad he had to fight zombies.” This new fit version of the actor is carried into his character as Clovis doesn’t shy away from any opportunity to show his abs.

In the end, it was a fun discussion, and fortunately, there won't be a long wait for new episodes.

Woke” season two aired Friday, April 8, on Hulu. Make sure you check it out!


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