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Behind the Scenes of The Human Being Diet.

There is a myriad of ways to lose weight, but when it comes to shedding pounds and keeping them off, Petronella Ravenshear, is the lead expert to follow. Ravenshear is known best for her book The Human Being Diet and being a nutritionist to the stars in England. She first studied at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and the Natura Foundation, which gave way to her becoming a Functional Medicine practitioner. Since then, she has worked in her own practice and has been focused about finding solutions for digestive, skin, and weight issues. She stands apart from other weight loss pioneers because she is well-known for her sensible, pragmatic approach when it comes to dealing with weight loss.

Ravenshear shares the wisdom of the body and maintains that food and exercise is the only medicine we need. Although people may be skeptical at first, they are driven to follow Ravenshear’s advice because it is not only practical and affordable- but it also works. 

The author is quoted as saying, ‘The Human Being Diet is a blueprint for feasting and fasting your way to feeling, looking and being your best, whether you want to lose weight or not.” So losing weight is actually a biproduct of her diet, as the main emphasis is on overall health and reducing inflammation.

Keep reading to tune in to an interview between she and I as we discuss the success, writing process, and message of her book. 

Hello Petronella! What was the inspiration behind your book?

What an interesting question. Well, to be honest the whole weight loss aspect was accidental. I trained in a program in the UK called Metabolic Balance. This is where The Human Being Diet was essentially born. The Metabolic Balance diet worked but it was very expensive, and I thought that people shouldn’t have to be wealthy to lose weight. I thought maybe I could write a book that gave advice that was just as insightful and rooted in reality.  The difference is that the Metabolic Balance is based on blood test while my diet isn’t. Also, I suggest people five hour fasting for weight loss and reduction in inflammation. My book states that real food is real medicine. It is accessible to absolutely anyone.

How did you come up with the name for your book, The Human Being Diet?

It came about because it is a program that can be followed by everyone, absolutely any human being! I pride it in being accessible. There is nothing about meal replacements- it is about experiencing joy while eating real food.

Can you give us a quick summary of what the diet promises?

Sure. It promises less hunger, less cravings, inflammation reduction, better sleep, as well as other benefits. Weight loss is simply a side effect of improved health so you can say goodbye to those mid-afternoon slumps! The first three days are tough, but then it gets easier. The diet is broken up into three phases. We do have a large supportive community on Instagram that people can use to connect with other people on The Human Being Diet as encouragement. People can follow us on Instagram at

Very cool! I like that you have started a virtual community for this that empowers your readers and followers! That being said, how would you say this book is distinctive from other diet books?

This book is not a quick fix- this is a lifestyle change. When most people start a diet, they think they can just do it and then go back to normal life, and then they gain weight back. This diet is slow and steady, as weight loss should take place after 3 months. 

There are other benefits too. I had a friend with a daughter that struggled with endometriosis who eventually got on The Human Being Diet and was able to deal with her symptoms more effectively because she had reduced inflammation. 

The Human Being Diet is health-focused and assists in more health benefits than just weight loss.

What challenges did you face while writing your book?

When it comes to diet books, it can be a challenge to a way to translate the hard science into ways people can relate to, such as why it’s important to fast. You want people to understand the concepts and feel as though they are a part of the process in their own empowerment. 

What do you hope your readers gain from reading your book?

Women are a huge audience for me, and many women put others first. This book shows women to invest in themselves, because without them, the whole family would fall apart. Following this book and diet are a form of self-love and a way to show their family they love them. 

Good point! Do you have any advice for others who want to write a diet book?

I love this question! Yes, writers might get discouraged by scientific language. I had a clinic for 20 years, so I was able to understand the language, but you still have to break it down for readers. You have to write the book as though you’re talking to a friend. Another piece of advice is to write anecdotes, so your audience feels engaged.

Awesome! Where can people get more information?

People interested in The Human Being Diet can go to for more information or check us out on Instagram! 

Ravenshear is a very intelligent practitioner that has created a path to health after a lifetime of research and focuses on all things digestive and weight based. Her no-nonsense approach to dieting makes her a distinctive and popular figure in England, and she’s becoming more well-known all over the world Her diet works because it is accessible to anyone who wants to make a real difference in his or her life. Get a copy of The Human Being Diet today!


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