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A Cast Full of Charm & Wit: CBS Ghost’s Panel, Paley Fest 2022!

Attending CBS' Ghost Panel was such a treat. Guests were treated to the premiere of the new episode that aired on April 7th, as well as a Q&A session with the Ghosts cast. There was plenty of fun to be had that night, which I am sure fans of the show won't soon forget.

The evening started with a sneak preview of the new episode entitled "Attic Girl," which was a big treat for fans in attendance. During the episode, a ghost named Stephanie from the '80s who died on her prom night is resurrected in the attic, prompting Sam to confront what happened on her own prom night; Alberta finds out she has other special abilities. In homage to the 1999 movie "She's All That," the episode was one of the most charming ones so far.