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The Caregiver’s Bible for Our Time

Kristal Glover-Wing is more than a registered-nurse turned author. She took her life-fulfilling purpose of helping others and became the nurse-in-your-pocket. So many need the help of her book, The Caregiver’s Bible. Written as a self-help guide that aims to minimize trips to doctors and hospitals, boost Caregivers awareness, confidence, knowledge, and reduce mistakes from medical incompetence, Kristal is helping to improve the quality of life for many people.

Exclusive Interview Can you tell me a bit about your background?

I’m originally from New Orleans. I was a Registered Nurse for 22 years. I was also in business for 20 years as owner of a hospice and medical equipment agency. Currently I’m making the move to California! What inspired you to become a nurse originally?

My mother was a LPN. I wanted to be a doctor, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to school for 8 years. I ended up asking my mother for advice and she said I should become a nurse. Was there a defining moment when you realized you wanted to turn what you had learned as a caregiver, into a book for others?

I had been a RN for about 12-14 years. Seeing so many people confused made me want to take action. I also got sick around that time and had my own experience of feeling confusing by the lack of information. My mother was actually my caregiver for a little while. So, I was dealing with the health care industry from a patient’s perspective too. Then, my mother had a lot of health issues and I became her caregiver. As I was coming out of business, I knew I wanted to help people in some other way. I wasn’t 1 on 1 with patients anymore and the health care professions have changed a lot so I wanted to figure out how to help people in a new way. Tell us about your book, The Caregiver’s Bible.

The Caregiver’s Bible is a labor of love that helps people who don’t know how to manage illness. My goal is to help reduce the dependence that a lot of people have on medical systems. I’ve seen so many people, at least 80% from my perspective that I’ve come across, that didn’t quite understand what was going on with their bodies, their loved one’s bodies, etc. Medical people assume too much that the average person knows how to manage their illness. The reality is, I would walk into the room every time and find out what a patient knew and didn’t know and that made me realize the gap in knowledge.

Would you say your advice to aspiring writers is to look inward at themselves & their own life like you did and see what knowledge they can take away and share from that?

There are all different kinds of writers, but for me personally I sit back and just let it flow out on the paper. Then I go back and clean it up. Not everybody thinks like you do, so it’s important to think about it from the perspective of: can other people process what you’re writing and what does it do to help people? I don’t mean it has to be a nonfiction novel, but whatever you’re writing can be inspiring. It would be nice to touch people in some way: emotional, educational, inspirational, etc. What do you hope people take away from reading this book?

Basically, it’s like having a nurse in your pocket. That’s my goal is to give people empowerment. Knowledge is power. They can have necessary information right in their hands. I tried to simplify everything as best as I could because I didn’t want it to feel like a college textbook. I also talk about health care services that people can get in their homes and what services they actually provide. It’s important to know what you should be expecting. What else are you working on?

The E-book version of my book is exclusively on Amazon Kindle. I’m currently working on a screenplay right now which I’m very excited about.

You can read more about Kristal and The Caregivers bible at:

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