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Jen Sugermeyer Helps RESET Your Life

Jen Sugermeyer is more than an author, life coach, and motivational speaker. She’s the ultimate truth seeker who spent her life in the inquiry of what it means to love yourself fully and to be the best version of yourself; but her journey has not been an easy one. To everyone around her, Jen appeared to have the perfect life. She was fit, had a loving family and worked a successful corporate career. But behind the scenes, she was struggling with addiction and hated herself and what she had become. She was living a double life and her two worlds were getting closer and closer to disastrously colliding. Every night she promised herself that tomorrow would be the start of a new life and a healthier path, but instead she’d sink to a new low. It was none of her lows or her bottoms that eventually changed her life - it was the kind words uttered by someone who genuinely cared that made her realize that she was worth fighting for - and that’s what she did.

Jen embarked on the fight of her life and she now aims to share her strength and encourage others to claim the life they deserve! She put everything down in her new book, Reset: 5 Steps to Reclaim the Life You Thought You Lost & amp; Learn to Love Yourself! and is now dedicating her life to helping others through her personal experiences and insight.

When she isn’t writing or coaching, you’ll find her globetrotting (she’s visited 49 countries), boxing (watch out, she’s a southpaw with a reach!), exercising, being both in front of and behind the camera, spending time at the lake, hanging out with friends, family, and doting over her niece, Olive.

While discussing her latest book we talked about her life-changing program that teaches everyone how to recognize, eliminate, structure, elevate, and transform your life.

Exclusive Interview

Tell me about yourself, your background, and what led to a shift in perspective about your life? At a young age I had an eating disorder and that eventually led me to have a double life because that wasn’t something people openly shared. I didn’t realize that I was triggering my reward system in my brain and I had become an addict.

In my mid 30’s I was a full-blown alcoholic living two lives. I was a successful woman in corporate America where everything looked picture perfect from the outside.