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Writer/Director, Junga Song, Talks her New Movie, The Petrichor!

Many of us witness things circling back in our lives and careers. For writer and director Junga Song, she can attest to this perfect timing in finally getting to make a movie about figure skating, a topic she felt passion for years before. Song changed career paths completely, going from studying Marine Science in South Korea, to film in Canada, eventually graduating from Toronto Film School in 2004.

Throughout her successful career that has spanned over a decade, Song has written a documentary, Hope for Life, short films Love Recipe, Dead Origins, and Reflection, as well as three feature films, Piece of Mind, Artificial Selection, and coming this year…The Petrichor!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started in this career?

I moved to Canada from South Korea almost 15 years ago. Then I studied film, starting with short films and made my first feature film in 2008, Piece of Mind. I didn’t make another film for almost 8 years. It was discouraging after my first film, so I took some time to find my next idea.

Tell us about your new film, The Petrichor? What inspired you to write it?

Every figure skater has such an interesting story because they dedicate their life to it. I tried to make a film about this, but I couldn’t get funding. It kept getting postponed.

Eventually in 2018, I wrote a simple sci-fi story and made an independent film that had a small budget (Artificial Selection). I got to know the actress who was in that movie and found out she was a figure skater. That experience lead me back to making a fil