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Felicia Day, Actress and New York Times Best Selling Author!

Felicia Day is an Actress and New York Times Best Selling Author.

In her new book Embrace Your Weird, Felicia Day takes you on a journey to find, rekindle, and expand your creative passions. In addition, she also has Season 2 of her podcast coming-up called Voyage to the Stars.

No matter what she is doing Felicia Day is on a mission to inspire and create!

Exclusive Interview

You started out as an actress, can you tell me a little bit about your journey?

Felicia: Yeah, I started out as an actress then moved to LA right after college, I went to the University of Texas. I came here to be an actress and after doing that for a few years, I got a little bored and decided to start writing stuff. That was when the internet was starting to do video and I wrote a show called “The Guild” and it became the first scripted web-series about a group of online gamers; that turned into a long process, I did that show for six years! Since then, I have been working on my own creative projects, including a memoir I wrote a couple years ago called “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost)” and this is my follow-up book “Embrace Your Weird!”

Can you tell us what "Embrace Your Weird" is about?