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Deep Blue, The World’s Biggest Shark, Invades Comic-Con!

Where can you find a 20-foot long great white shark roaming the streets? Only at San Diego Comic-Con, of course! A crew of 5 carried the shark (about as big as a bus) up and down the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego. And if that doesn’t pique your interest, how about the fact that the model shark is based on a real 20-foot female great white shark, spotted feeding on a whale carcass off the coast of Hawaii! As you can imagine, many shark lovers stopped to pose with the shark for some FIN-tastic pictures!

While we were at Comic-Con we were able to meet-up with Kimberly Jefferies, marine photographer and conservationist, and Mark Mohler, a deep-sea diver, who encounter this massive creature in January.

Here is what they had to say:

So, can you introduce yourselves and tell us a little about what you do?

Jefferies: My name is Kimberly Jeffries and I am an underwater photographer based out of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Mohler: I am Mark Mohler and I am also an underwater photographer and boat captain based out of Honolulu.

Can you tell us about what is was like to swim with this massive creature?

Mohler: So, as divers and wildlife enthusiasts we are always out with small sharks and all sorts of animals which is what we love to see, so to meet Deep Blue was like the epitome of that; she’s one of the biggest predators you can get in the water with, so to be able to do that with her in our own backyard