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Kristin Chenoweth Lights Up the Stage at The Paley Center LA

The amazing Kristin Chenoweth lights up the stage at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, Ca on Wednesday ( February 27th) during PaleyLive LA’s An Evening with Kristin Chenoweth: In Conversation. Pop Entertainment was privileged enough to have the opportunity to sit-in on the intimate conversation with this special lady. The chairman of the conversation that evening was none other than the Pushing Daisies and American Gods creator Bryan Fuller, and also a close personal friend of Chenoweth's.

The evening started off with an incredible video montage of Kristin Chenoweth's impressive career. Some of the most memorable included the broadway shows Wicked, Annie, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown and films and television roles such as: Bewitched, You Again, The Boy Next Door, Glee, Hairspray Live, and Disney’s The Descendants, among many others. After everyone had a look back, Kristin Chenoweth was welcomed to the stage!

The Tony and Emmy-winning entertainer was a ball of sunshine as she was greeted by a very small audience. Bryan Fuller kicked-off the conversation with questions about Chenoweth's incredible career and artistry. Here are just a few highlights-

Bryan Fuller: What was your favorite musical growing up?

Chenoweth: “Gypsy” I love the mom/daughter relationship breakdown and then how they come back together.

Bryan Fuller: What is one of the most difficult shows you have done?

Chenoweth: Probably “On the 20th Century” was hard because it was high comedy, constant dancing and operetta.

Bryan Fuller: How do you prepare when you have a strenuous singing schedule?

Chenoweth: I try to just not speak, and I carry around a whiteboard with me everywhere for communication.

Bryan Fuller: If you could do any revival of a musical, which one would it be?

Chenoweth: “Hello Dolly”- I didn’t think the latest revival was my time. I would also love to play Mama Rose in “Gypsy” one day. I’m frightened to death of her.

Bryan Fuller: So who are some people you admire most?

Chenoweth: I was so proud of Lady Gaga at the oscars, and I love Sally Field so much, I wouldn’t know what to do if I ever met her.

Bryan Fuller: How does music inform your non-musical projects?

Chenoweth: What I do, is I ask myself how the character would sing, and if I can relate to that then I choose to do the role.

After that Bryan Fuller threw the questioning to the audience-

Audience: Do you prefer to play the villains or heroes better?

Chenoweth: I really like playing villains, because deep down, there is a good person. And it makes it fun when it's my job is to find that person.

Audience: How do you keep a positive attitude?

Chenoweth: Like everyone else, I have to work at it. I pray. But I also find that when I'm low, if I help somebody else, I feel better.

Audience: Do you support any charities or nonprofits?

Chenoweth: Thank you for asking that question! Yes, I support a theatre in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. And I also support music being a vital part of children's lives.

Audience: What advice do you have for people learning how to sing?

Chenoweth: Don’t listen to yourself too much-and just breathe. My teacher Florence Birdwell always told me to “breathe from my hoo-ha” in other words breathe deep!

Audience: Who is your favorite scene partner?

Chenoweth: Oh man, I don’t know? It’s really too tough to choose.

Chenoweth was very attentive to her fans in the audience and gave them her undivided attention when they were asking their questions. In addition, she also announced that she had just put the final touches on her upcoming album earlier that day. Her new album will pay tribute to some of her female musical icons including Judy Garland, Linda Ronstadt, and Carole King just to name a few. “ I love having the luxury of time to record an album, because on Broadway cast recordings are done immediately after the show opens.” Chenoweth says.

Steve Tyrell was the producer for the album, and he was also sitting in the audience that evening. He had nothing but good things to say about the entertainer. “Kristin sings with authority and knowledge on the new album.” says Tyrell. He could not stop raving about Chenoweth's covers of Linda Ronstadt and Eva Cassidy. Not only that he could not stop bragging about how talented she was and what a privilege it was to have worked with her.

The evening wrapped-up with a few last laughs with the audience. And at the end no one was short of smiles as the exited the theatre.

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