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Download Lao Font Phetsarath Ot.epub




[EXCLUSIVE] Download Lao Font Phetsarath Ot.epub is the key that tells you how to fix the problem? Here's a screenshot of what I mean: That's the default behavior. That's how it should look on the default lock screen. And that's how it looks in my lock screen. elias_a: as in, we can't change that? I could hack the image but I would prefer not to. It will look ugly and ugly elements are not good for the default lock screen. It's a single click. So there should be a single click action. The long-pressing is the key. The long-pressing is the extra click. elias_a: well this is unity-lock-screen, not click-the-key-to-fix-a-problem-on-the-lock-screen We could disable the click-to-focus. But that's the point of my question: Why is the click-to-focus there in the first place? I am not saying that I don't like it. But it's not a good default. So how do we change it? i don't know. i don't know how you'd even do that unity-lock-screen is still a clickable area It should be a single click. The long-press is the key. Sorry. That's how it should work. The click is what's needed. But they have to be in sync, so they cannot be two different actions.




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Download Lao Font Phetsarath Ot.epub

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